We offer Essentrics, yoga, mediation, flexibility and mobility training. Learn about our workshops and retreats, restore and reconnect with our classes, and feel better about yourself.

Classes & Programs

We offer small group classes, where all levels are welcome. Workplace wellness program is customized per your company. We are currently working on offering online yoga and dynamic stretching classes to help you find the confidence you need to get to know your body.

For more general information on getting started and yoga as a lifestyle, please visit our blog.

Our Teachers

Our instructors are all different, with diverse lives, styles and backgrounds but what is consistent is that all of them are kind, committed and inspirational.

Dynamic Stretch


10-Week Online Program



10-Week Program

Yin Yoga & Ayurveda


4-Week Course

Dynamic Fitness

We focus on balancing and strengthening the whole body. By working on stretching and full-body conditioning with the goal to improve your posture, increase flexibility & get a stronger body.

Do you have questions about our online classes or the yoga classes we offer here? Contact us today.

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