7 Moves That Ages You… Backwards

There is nothing that signals to us old age as someone whose every movement is slow and laborious. As we move quickly pass an elder, we try not to lose our patience as they take so much of their energy and our time to even open a door.

If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking, “That’s not going to be me!” And, that’s true. The choice is yours. You can passively allow the aging process to take over you or you can do everything you can do to fight the aging process. Personally, I plan on being the best I can be for a very long time. If the heavens have given me this power and control over my body, then I’m going to take every opportunity I have to stay young forever.

So, what causes us to slow down and have trouble doing the simplest of tasks? Power and Endurance!

Power and Endurance

We need both, the power to lift heavy objects and endurance to keep moving for long periods. This means we need power to lift our body and endurance to take walks for longer that five minutes without tiring! You should be exercising 30 minutes a day, every day!

Rule of Essentrics Workout

Before I highlight the 7 moves, it is important to know the rules of Essentrics that we follow in every workout, which are:

  1. Use Circular Movements: The power of Essentrics is that it recognizes that the body is three-dimensional and its program includes natural circular movement, to increase flexibility and motion.
  2. Balance the Body: Essentrics improves your posture and tones your body! However, for you to get this toned body, you need to follow the program as intended.

7 Moves That Ages You Backwards!

  1. Open Chest Swan Sequence For Posture
  2. Side-to-Side Bend with Lunge
  3. Spine Rotations
  4. Hamstring Stretches
  5. Baby Stretch
  6. Side Leg Lifts
  7. Sit-Up Sequence For Posture

Baby Stretch Essentrics Yoga Montreal

Baby Stretch Exercises in Essentrics Fitness Program

Aging Backwards

Recent research has shown that we experience muscle loss and that is the major cause of change in body shape associated with aging – which is preventable! In other words, if we use our muscles through exercise we won’t lose them. If we exercise we can avoid age-related metabolic slowdown! And, more importantly, are you ready for this, if we continue to exercise, maintain a healthy diet and get plenty of sleep throughout our life, we can even see less sagging skin when we reach our 60s!

The above photo is part of the baby stretch exercises and included in Essentrics Fitness Program. The Essentrics Body Sculpt Program doesn’t work on the symptoms, but rather it works on completely realigning and rebalancing the full body, while facilitating movement.

Give it a try! Fall registration is now open in NDG.


And, I’ll see you in class.


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